APAC: Why Your Company Needs a 360-Degree DEI Approach

Six in 10 employees today don’t feel a sense of belonging at work. Across the Asia Pacific region, intent to stay levels dropped 8% between 2021 and 2022, and only 30% of Gen Z employees in APAC countries report feeling valued by their company and like they belong. In fact, across generations, Asia Pacific employees scored significantly lower than North American, United Kingdom, and Latin American employees for having a sense of belonging in a 2022 Accenture survey.

Meanwhile, in a recent survey of PowerToFly community members, 1 in 5 said they’d quit their current job to take a role with a new company if it offered a better culture of belonging. Many companies stand to lose employees if they don’t put time and resources toward fostering belonging and cultivating a 360-degree DEI approach, fast.

This report will help you learn how to implement a 360-degree DEI approach that fits your organization’s needs, with DEI strategies for the APAC region. Read on for actionable advice to get jumpstarted on launching or innovating on your company’s DEI strategy in the APAC region.


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Topics Covered Include

  • What is a 360-Degree DEI Approach?
  • DEI Strategies for the APAC Region
  • What Does Belonging Truly Look Like?
  • Key Insights & Recommended Resources
  • And More!

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