Elevating Mixed & Multiracial Talent

Over the last decade., the number of people who identify as multiracial in the U.S. has grown by 276%. And in the U.K., where this group similarly represents the country’s fastest-growing demographic, one in three Brits is expected to be multiracial by the end of the century.

Yet, most workplaces still lag behind in recognizing the specific identities, needs, and value of mixed race employees. Data shows, for instance, that mixed race talent significantly lack role models at work, and many multiracial professionals report feeling categorized as — or forced to choose — just one of their racial identities in the workplace. Tokenism can often show up for mixed professionals as well, and few DEIB resources and trainings are created with multiracial experiences at the forefront.

To address that, in this guide, we unpack some key stats and takeaways about the multiracial experience in today’s workplace. Then, we move into actionable solutions for elevating this talent pool.

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Topics Covered Include

  • Mixed Race & Multiracial Identities: An Overview
  • The Multiracial Experience in Today’s Workplace
  • Key Action Items for Elevating Mixed & Multiracial Professionals
  • Recommended Resources & Further Reading

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