Prioritizing & promoting your employer brand during an economic downturn

2023 has been  a  heavy  year  for  hiring  freezes  and  layoffs,  and  many companies are contending with limited or frozen hiring budgets. When this happens, it’s all-too common for employers to take their foot off the pedal of their employer branding efforts — something that causes them to lose out on top talent in the long run. 

For an employer  brand to be successful, your brand protection and promotion efforts must always be set to “on.” With your brand receiving constant nurturing, you can keep a pipeline of actively engaged, quality candidates at-the-ready — and avoid feeling the effects of an economic downturn in your hiring channels later on.

Here’s how to prioritize and promote  your  employer  brand, using DEIB best practices,  in  order  to  grow  a  stream  of  warm, engaged candidates — even in the face of an unsteady economy.


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Topics Covered Include

  • Examples of successful, “always-on” employer branding efforts
  • Strategies for building an authentic employer brand that offers candidates value, regardless of where your hiring initiatives stand
  • Understanding how to keep an economic downtown from damaging your employer brand with both candidates and existing talent
  • How to use your employer brand for DEIB recruitment, with concrete case studies
  • And more!

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