Supporting Gender Identity Expression in the Workplace 

As we see more and more anti-transgender laws passed around the country, companies are left scrambling in a bid to help employees navigate this moment. It's compounding what was already a difficult situation for many trans and gender nonconforming professionals. According to McKinsey, more than half of trans employees say they are not comfortable being out at work, and two-thirds remain in the closet in professional interactions outside of their companies. People who identify as trans feel far less supported in the workplace than their cisgender colleagues do, often reporting difficulty connecting to company culture and feeling less supported by their managers.

Understanding how to best support gender identity expression — across the full gender spectrum — should be of paramount importance to any DEIB-minded company today. In this report, we unpack ways to do exactly that, with actionable advice and recommend resources for continued learning.


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Topics Covered Include

  • The state of workplace inclusion for trans and gender noncomforming folks today, with data, key stats, and definitions 
  • Laws and rights for gender identity expression, across the U.S. and abroad
  • Best practices for workplace policies that include and encourage gender identity expression 
  • Best practices for employee benefits that support individuals across the gender identity spectrum 
  • And more!

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