Beyond Performative Allyship: A Comprehensive Guide to LGBTQIA+ Benefits at Work

Every June, companies rainbow-ify their logos and post their commitment to championing LGBTQIA+ talent. But the lived experiences of LGBTQIA+ workers — a full 46% of whom choose to remain closeted at work in the U.S. — suggest many companies aren’t committed to acting on these values year-round.

If companies, across cultures, want to create work environments where queer folks feel safe, supported, and invited to be their full selves, that starts with moving from performative to intentional allyship. One key place to do that? Your company’s employee benefits package. Here, we've compiled the benefits most likely to benefit LGBTQIA+ employees the most, as well as other queer talent-affirming actions to take long after Pride has passed.



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Topics Covered Include

  • The Current Landscape of LGBTQIA+ Inclusion at Work
  • Benefits That Support LGBTQIA+ Talent, From Trans-Inclusive Medical Benefits to Financial Wellness Programs
  • Key Ways to Celebrate Pride Year-Round 
  • Actionable Next Steps & Recommended Resources 

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