Recruiting, Retaining, & Elevating Neurodiverse Talent: A Comprehensive DEIB Guide

As companies increasingly prioritize neurodiversity in the workplace, it’s crucial that they develop a clear awareness of what neurodivergency is. Too often, corporate neurodiversity only includes individuals who most closely resemble neurotypical folks. This limited understanding is then reflected in companies’ hiring and retention efforts.

How do we expand beyond this to create workplaces where folks across the neurodiverse spectrum can thrive, whether remotely or at an office? How can companies leverage the strengths that neurodivergent individuals bring to the table? What are the most inclusive tools and strategies to help neurodivergent folks at all levels to advance? And how do we, in our interviewing and onboarding processes, create systems for people to safely share the accommodations they need, free of stigma? Our comprehensive guide to neurodiversity in the workplace offers expert insight into all this and more.



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Topics Covered Include

  • A Starting Vocabulary of Neurodiversity Terms
  • Recognizing and Showcasing the Strengths of Neurodiverse Talent
  • 21 Things Companies Can Do to Support Talent Across the Neurodivergent Spectrum
  • Actionable Next Steps & Recommended Resources 

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