Unpacking the Origins & Expansiveness of AAPI

We know the acronym “AAPI” means Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. But with 48 countries in Asia, 15 independent Pacific Island nations, and a vast AAPI diaspora, who is represented within the Asian and Pacific Islander umbrella really? And what does it mean to make a monolith of such culturally and geographically diverse communities?

In May 2022, PowerToFly held an executive forum for leaders across industries to participate in an off-the-record conversation about language, the value of self-identification, and how to best uplift your Asian and Pacific Islander talent. 



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Topics Covered Include

  • The Origins of AAPI, APA, API, and NHPI, as Labels and as Communities
  • Key Statistics and Data About These Communities, How They Feel About “AAPI” Terms, And the Language Some Folks Prefer
  • Why Taxonomy Audits & Self-Identification Are Vital Tools For Uplifting Your AAPI Talent 
  • Actionable Next Steps & Recommended Resources 

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