What Diverse Talent Wants in 2023

A big part of understanding how best to elevate and empower underrepresented talent in the workplace is going directly to the source. In other words, to know what diverse talent needs and wants — ask them. 

Cutting assumptions out of DEIB work is critical. And when you consider just how dramatically the modern workplace has changed in the past few years alone — and, with it, the expectations that talent has of employers — it’s all the more material that leaders listen and stay responsive. For our third annual What Diverse Talent Wants report, we surveyed a wide range of diverse professionals representing all kinds of backgrounds and identities about what they’re looking for — in terms of employee benefits, professional development opportunities, training programs, work cultures, and more — in 2023.



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Topics Covered Include

  • The Employee Benefits That Diverse Professionals Are Expecting — And Demanding — in 2023
  • Key Stats & Data, Including the Number of Diverse Workers Who Plan to Quit This Year (And What Would Get Them to Stay)
  • The Need to Solve for Today's Employee Connection Crisis and Close the 'DEIB Awareness Gap'
  • Recommended Resources & Further Reading

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