The Future of Work: How We Can Keep Hybrid & Remote Work From Hurting DEIB

What if working parents, neurodivergent people, and people of color could build their professional lives around a feeling of profound safety and control?

What if companies could harness a global network of talent to give themselves the best chance at responding to the needs of their international customer base?

What if technology could help us stay connected without having to rely on outdated ways of gathering together?

In April 2022, PowerToFly held an executive forum where we brought together leaders from across industries to participate in an off-the-record conversation about where DEIB’s been and where it’s going, especially as it pertains to companies with global teams.

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A Look at the Executive Forum

In this month’s summit, we brought together leaders from across industries to participate in an honest, off-the-record conversation about the future of DEIB in a remote or hybrid work environment. We invited Chase Warrington, Head of Remote at Doist, to share his insights on the topic, and we also opened the floor to the stories and thought leadership of our participants.

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About Our Featured Speaker

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Chase Warrington
Head of Remote at Doist
  • Chase is a globally minded professional with nearly 15 years of remote work experience leading distributed teams from locations across the US, Europe, Asia, and South America.
  • Head of Remote at Doist, the creators of Todoist & Twist, supporting 25M+ customers, and a leading remote-first organization with 100+ employees spread throughout 30+ countries, spanning all time zones.
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Topics Covered Include

  • Where We Stand: An Overview
  • The Future of Work: Why Hybrid & Remote Work Models Can Be Both Beneficial & Detrimental to DEIB Goals
  • Expert Perspective: How Doist’s Head of Remote Sees Remote Work
  • Collective Wisdom: 4 Tips on Making the Most of Hybrid or Remote Work
  • Recommended Resources

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