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Land a Job in Tech! Follow Three Top Tips to Nail Your Interview


To ​​land a job in tech you need to be prepared for your interview. Play this video to get three top tips that will help you to succeed. You'll hear from Michael Thompson, NOC manager at Logicworks, who shares his experience and valuable advice.

Watch the video to learn more!

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Top Tips

Level up your career with top tips from professionals in your field of interest. 

Prepare for your tech interview Top Tips video COllective insights

Prepare for Your Tech Interview

Collective Insights is a management and technology consulting company. Watch the video to the end to get their advice on how to succeed in your next tech interview.

NBA Top Tips Video How to break into the sports industry

Join The Sports Industry!

Want to join the sports industry? Watch the video to the end to learn what it takes to do it.

Top Tips how to build trust in your teams Px8 video

Build Trust in Your Team

How should you work to build trust in your team? Play this video to get three top tips that will help you.

Top Tips to succesfully implementing change in your organization Esri video

Implement Change in your Team

To implement change you need to follow certain steps. Play this video to get three top tips on how to do it the best possible way.

Top Tips to reduce Bias Workiva video

Reduce Bias in the Workplace

Avoiding bias in the workplace requires a lot of effort. Play this video to get three top tips that will help you.

Top Tips for Customer Success Managers in the Saas Industry Tackle io video

Tips for CSMs in the SaaS industry

Every customer success team has to follow some steps to achieve efficiency. Play this video to get three top tips that every manager in the SaaS industry should keep in mind.

Autodesk - Top Tips to put your ides into practice video

Put your ideas into practice

Want to put your ideas into practice but don’t know how? Watch the video to the end to find out how to transition from thinking to doing!

Logicworks Top Tips video - To make a career move

Tips to Make a Career Move

To make a successful career move, you need to follow some steps. Watch the video to the end to get ideas on how to achieve it!

Meet the Recruiter

Learn more about the application and interview process at your favorite companies.

Interviewing at a non profit organization meet the recruiter video dream spring
Nail a Nonprofit Organization Interview

Join a nonprofit organization after a great interview. Watch the video to the end to prepare for a successful recruiting process.

Myriad360 Meet the recruiter Interview Tips To Get A Job in Tech
Get A Job in Tech!

Get ready for your interview with these tips! Paige Joseph, Talent Acquisition Recruiter at Myriad360, goes over some points to highlight during an application process and become a successful candidate.

How to demonstrate your experience Meet the recruiter video Light&Wonder
Demonstrate Your Experience

Should you demonstrate experience in your job interview? Of course! Let the hiring manager know how your experiences and skills align with the position you're interviewing for.

Tech sales and recruiting process insigths Meet the recruiter video Autodesk
Tech Sales and Recruiting Insights

The tech sales area might be the perfect place for you. Watch the video to the end to learn what you can expect when applying with Autodesk.

Moov Meet the recruiter video - How to pass the applicant tracking system
Moov’s Applicant Tracking System

Passing an applicant tracking system is the first challenge in a new position. Watch the video to the end to learn how to get hired at Moov Financial.


Waters - Meet the recruiter video Showcase your transferable skills
Transferable Skills Are Valuable!

Skills are skills, if you have them, you should showcase them! Watch the video to the end to find advice on how to do that during your next recruiting process!


Meet the recruiter plex video - Get to know the remote team culture at plex

Discover Plex's remote culture

Got a remote team culture? Show it! When interviewing with Plex, express why you want to work remotely and, more specifically, asynchronously.


Flywheel MTR video - Get ready for your executive job search

Approach an Executive Job Search

Starting an executive job search? Watch the video to the end to find out how to apply for a position at Flywheel!


Inside the Team

Get a peek into what it's like to work on different teams at your favorite companies. 

Inside the engineering team skedulo video

Skedulo's Engineering Team

Join an engineering team that is talented, effective, and dynamic. Watch the video to the end to find out how to grow in the software development area.

Inside the Nestle USA Manufacturing Excellence team video

Nestlé USA's Manufacturing Excellence Team

The team supports Nestlé USA factories that produce bakery sweets brands including Toll House, Libby's and Carnation, and Nestlé Professional Brands which supply food service operations.

Inside the Google Pixel team video

Google's Pixel Team

Pixel’s new engineer? That could be you! Pixel seeks software engineers, technical program managers, test engineers, technical solutions consultants, and hardware and firmware engineers. 

Procore Inside the sales team video

Procore's Sales Team

The SDR team is the place for you if your ideal job is a fast-paced, high-energy work environment with an industry leader. Watch the video to the end to find out how to join them!

Call Rail Inside the marketing team video

CallRail's Marketing Team

CallRail has a marketing team that’s collaborative, challenging, and makes an impact. Watch the video to the end to know if this is the perfect job for you!

Inside the sales team Alertmedia video open jobs

AlertMedia's Sales Team

Want to grow in your sales career? AlertMedia is the place for you to achieve it! Watch the video to the end to find out what you need to join its sales team.

Inside the Product and design team Uship video open jobs

Uship's Product & Design Team

Want to join a product and design team that’s fun and collaborative? Watch the video to the end to know more about uShip’s team!

Callrail inside the engineering team video

CallRail's Engineering Team

Engineering teams at CallRail encourage collaboration, communication, and empathy. See the video to know what they are looking for in candidates and why you’ll thrive there.

Key takeaways

Check out these chat recaps for valuable lessons and upskilling opportunities. 

Stand out at virtual presentations

Stand out at Virtual presentations   

Watch the video to the end to learn some great tips to stand out in virtual presentations!


Chat and learn - amplify your transferable skills

Amplify your Transferable skills                       

What are transferable skills? How to identify your own unique transferable skills? Learn all about this with some great insights.



LGBTQ+ 101 for young professionals

What does the acronym LGBTQ mean? Is it okay to ask somebody about their preferred pronouns?  These are just a few of the questions answered in this video!


I landed my dream job with no experiencec

Dream job with no experience

Taryn Pratt was always sure about her dream job: she wanted to be a web developer. The problem was—she was unqualified for it. Did that stop her? No way!