Frequently Asked Questions

PowerToFly Diversity Sellathon

  1. What is a Sellathon?

    It’s a sales version of a Hackathon. Sponsors who have openings on their Sales and BDR teams come to the Sellathon with real-world sales challenges looking for sales pros who demonstrate sales know-how, creativity and follow through. Participants can choose which sponsors’ challenge they participate in (you can join more than one). There will be chances to meet and engage with Hiring Managers and Recruiters from sponsor companies. Another way to think about a Sellathon is the speed-dating version of sales interviewing. 

  2. Who should join?

    Sales reps and BDRs who are looking for new job opportunities or to broaden their network and meet Hiring Managers, Recruiters, the team from JB Sales/Sell Better and other sales pros. 

  3. What do I get if I join?

    Possibly a new job. Face time with Hiring Managers and Recruiters who are looking to hire sales pros. Sales trainings from the premiere trainers for the leading tech companies, including Salesforce, AWS, LinkedIn and others. As well as a plethora of prizes and badges you can put on LinkedIn profile and resume

  4. What is the Sales Challenge?

    Each sponsor company will bring a real-world Sales Challenge for participants to respond to. Here is the one from PowerToFly – PowerToFly Sales Challenge.

    Sales pro participants can chose which challenge you’d like to take on. There is no limit. You are welcome to participate in a few or all of them as you choose. 

  5. How to Submit the Sales Challenge?

    You can submit your completed response to the sales challenge on our Submission Portal.

  6. How can I make the best use of this event?

    This event is designed to function as speed dating for sales pro hiring, so we recommend the following - 

    1. Come with a list of 3-4 questions for the sponsor team who’s challenge you join. There will be a Challenge Overview and Q&A for each sponsor team. I would attend that and ask or chat your questions.
    2. For companies that interest you, I would chat in Zoom or LinkedIn with with their people. Ask if they are open to a short informational interview. 
    3. Look up all of the sponsor representatives and connect to them on LinkedIn. 
    4. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the learning workshops. If you have not started benefiting from the JB Sales/Sell Better content, we cannot recommend it highly enough. Their session on 3 EST on the 22nd will be highly relevant to the tasks presented in the Sales Challenges.
    5. Subscribe to JB Sales/Sell Better free content (we all do!). 

    6. Read our event Code of Conduct.
  7. How can I apply?
    Click here to register.

  8. Any other questions?
    If there is something that is still not clear or we didn’t cover please contact us at